Amped Sound & Cinema

Why choose to use Amped Sound & Cinema?

In house personalized consultations and design

When getting ready to start your audio video project it is necessary to have a in-house professional consultation to discuss things such as room acoustics, viewing distance, seating, décor, screen size, and level of system desired. Amped will have a qualified audio video specialist come out, work with you and your ideas to make recommendations on what can be done with your entire house, room, yard or any audio video location that you are looking to enhance.

Quote refining

Often times quotes will go back and forth between company and customer many times. At Amped we understand that all budgets are different. We will fine tune a quote as many times as necessary to ensure the quote fit’s the customers budget and they are getting the best value for their dollar. All quotes are broken down line by line to ensure the customer will know what part number they are getting, know what is being payed for each part, and what the labor cost will be for each part of the job.

Equipments Sales

Amped offers equipment sale on most brands available, from entry level to high end, we carry it all. Unlike larger retailers Amped does not have a show room and do not stock equipment. Larger retailers have tendencies of pushing products that may not exactly fit the customers needs, trying to meet sales quotas or unloading overstock. Not stocking equipment enables us of offer non-biased sales, only selling equipment that is best for that particular job and fits all of the customers needs. No show room enables us to keep overhead down making it possible for us to be competitive with large retailers and internet sales, often times beating others prices all around.


Amped offers 30 day warranty on any part with optional extended warranty and 1 year on labor, installation and programming. Most large retailers often will not warranty anything past 15 days. Internet sales are usally no warranty at all.


Second Meetings

Second meeting is something unique to Amped. This is designed to ensure the customer understands the quote 100%. This meeting can be done over the phone or in person. This gives the customer a much better understanding of what to expect throughout the job process, as well as what to expect from the level of equipment on the quote.


On time, Clean cut, and professional. Equipped with drop cloths, booties for our feet, shop vacs, drywall dust catches, and rubber gloves we make it a priority to be as un-intrusive as possible to your home. We know you live there and we will take special care to clean as we go and keep dust to a minimum throughout the installation process.


This is, by far our number one priority. We often times get the comment “wow, a contractor that answers the phone….. And, calls back” In the rare case that we cannot answer the phone we will often times return calls within the hour. Communication is the only way to offer great service. Standing behind our work 100%. Work we are proud of.

6 Month follow up

By request we do we offer a 6 month follow up. Speakers and amps have a break in period, meaning things may sound slightly different out of the box then six months from installation. We will come back after 6 months, re-tune the system and make sure everything is functioning properly.


The ability to relax in the comfort of your own home and experience sound and picture quality that can be far greater than that of a commercial theater is priceless. Having music in all rooms of the house including the patios and out door living areas and being able to control each location at the location makes for a great party. The wow factor of a slick touch screen remote that can tie everything together will really set your system apart. Let Amped take your audio video dreams to reality. Although there are many qualified AV companies in the valley none can match the service, value, and professionalism of Amped Sound & Cinema

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